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    Digital Advertising, Advertising Strategy, Video Pre-Production, Market Segmentation, Customer Personas

    Advertising | Marketing Strategy | Digital

    • Digital Advertising
    • Advertising Strategy
    • Video Pre-Production
    • Market Segmentation


    The energy shot category had long been dominated by a single company, but their technology had become stale. Armed with new time-release technology but a limited budget, 10 Energy looked to disrupt the existing landscape by only targeting a very select group of consumers.

    The Challenge

    • Develop a national product launch strategy to drive sales at 7,800+ Walgreen’s locations.
    • Craft an advertising strategy which targets only shoppers likely to purchase at a Walgreen’s location with limited in-store promotional support.
    • Design a messaging and creative platform which drives purchase intent
    10 energy digital ads
    10 energy digital ads

    The Solution

    • Craft a digital targeting strategy designed to only serve ads to consumers matching the desired demographic profile, geographic radius, commuting patterns and shopping habits.
    • Direct click-throughs to a dynamic campaign landing page designed to drive consumer engagement and product trial.
    • Review weekly analytics to optimize and refine messaging and design elements throughout the campaign.
    • Utilize post-campaign engagement analytics to further identify and segment the audience for future marketing efforts.
    10 energy marketing
    10 energy marketing
    10 energy marketing
    10 energy marketing

    The Results

    • Average 300+% week over week sales increases when digital advertising was in market
    • CTR exceeded industry averages for mobile and display throughout the campaign

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    Digital & Sales Analytics

    digital sales analytics
    digital sales analytics

    “Sync Creative’s strategy and design is the most precise advertising campaign I have ever encountered. Their media buy allowed us to target our exact demographics and that led to massive retail sales increases. Sync gets to the heart of the matter and get’s it done!”

    -Adam Fovenesi


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