BlastOne Brand Launch Campaign

BlastOne Brand

Launch Campaign

Innovative branding campaign makes an impression.

Industrial Equipment Corporate Capabilities Design & Copywriting
BlastOne Industrial Products Corporate Brand Logo

Branding | Marketing Strategy

Brand Positioning, Brand Messaging, Brand Launch, Copywriting, Print Design

Branding | Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Launch
  • Copywriting
  • Print Design

The Challenge

Drive customer excitement and retention by crafting a compelling brand story and launch campaign for a leading international industrial equipment brand.

The Solution

Taking BlastOne leadership through our brand acceleration process uncovered several key insights that we used as the foundation for new brand messaging and positioning for the company. These insights became the cornerstone of a three-part sales collateral system designed to educate customers and prospects, while driving new conversations for the sales teams.

The Results

Increased customer engagement, increased customer retention.

Presentation Box Concepts

Brand Promotional Packaging Concept
Brand Promotional Box Concept
Brand Launch & Sales Presentation Box Concept

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