McGraw-Hill BTW Web Site
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McGraw-Hill BTW Web Site
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McGraw-Hill BTW Website

With students today growing up in a media driven world complete with 24-hour news cycles, there is more opportunity than ever to connect real world events to a students’ work in the classroom. For McGraw-Hill’s Social Studies team the challenge was figuring out how best to make that connection.

Enter ByTheWay (BTW), a blog-driven site that uses current news and events to illustrate the connections between daily life and the classroom. BTW connects with students via news articles, polls, slideshows, videos and other media to keep the content current, engaging and varied. Modeling a news and events driven website, BTW has proven to be a popular and effective way to connect students to their studies. The site is built on the WordPress platform and is part of a multiple site install that shares stories and media across a family of online social studies destinations.